WMG Delivery Logo

WMG Delivery, a product of World Marketing Group Pte Ltd (WMG)

Established since 1982, WMG is a trusted international direct marketing solutions provider with full-fledged operations in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China (Country Offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen) and the US. WMG have extensive partnership operations in India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines and Vietnam. We are committed to delivery quality to our customers.

Capitalizing on our cross-regional geographic advantage, technological superiority and thorough market knowledge, we create and deliver solutions to help our business partners achieve their marketing and logistics objectives.

We aim to be a global leader in providing fully integrated marketing and logistics solutions.

Why WMG Delivery

  • Advantage #1 36 years of industry’s presence

    A trusted and sustainable network that offers delivery solutions to meet growing e-commerce demands

  • Advantage #2 Open & neutral platform

    A platform that minimizes complexities to allow collaborations and multiple service offerings

  • Advantage #3 Wide network of delivery channels

    No one size fits all model but a range of service channels to meet delivery demands

  • Advantage #4 Reliable & timely deliveries

    Accountable and punctual to ensure efficiency on all delivery arrangements and procedures

  • Advantage #5 Traceability & visibility

    Powered by our delivery app to track delivery status and progress to ensure security and successful deliveries

Range of Services

  • 01 Cross Border Handling

    WMG Delivery provides effective ways to cut through trade barriers and speed up the flow to deliver your products to your customers. With our trusted and international network, we can provide fast fulfilment for e-commerce orders from anywhere.

  • 02 Warehouse & Fulfillment

    WMG Delivery offers customized warehousing and fulfilment solutions tailored to your business needs locally and overseas. We are optimized to bring you closer to your customers.

  • 03 Last Mile Delivery

    WMG Delivery allows clients and their customers to track their parcels real-time on our online platform. Our customer service team is dedicated to address all delivery-related issues and return solutions. Open-source APIs integration are available on our platform as well.

  • 04 Reverse Logistics

    WMG Delivery manages returns effectively to minimize aftermarket support and overall costs. We improve our service goals, increase service market shares and meet sustainability goals. These will allow our clients to achieve greater customer service, satisfaction and retention.

  • 05 Technology Integration

    WMG Delivery works with multiple technology solutions designed to address specific customers’ needs. Through our technological network, we empower you to identify additional and efficiency issues. We tailor our network to your business needs and our platform is easy-to-use and welcomes fast implementation and onboarding.