Enjoy a convenient mode of delivery by your neighbours!

‘Delivery to the Community, by the Community’ empowers the pool of neighbourhood delivery walkers in housing estates to play a vital role in the concept of ‘shared economy.’

In alignment with the Smart City and Smart Nation Goals

A highly organized delivery system powered by smartphone app and an on-demand job assignment system, Parcel Walker delivers parcels to high-density locations on-foot by residents of the very same community they serve.

To foster community spirit and a well-balanced healthy lifestyle

Besides providing a green solution in a carbon footprint- heavy industry, Parcel Walker promotes a healthier lifestyle while enabling residents to expand their social circle as they deliver parcels to their neighbours and earn additional income.


Encourages active aging in Singapore in line with the Government’s Tripartite Guidelines on Re-employment of Older Employees.

Provides a re-entry route to the workforce for those who are unable to find employment beyond 25 weeks.

Residents who would like or need to earn an extra income - Open to house-spouses, students or full-time employees.

Join us and start delivering today!

Singaporeans or Permanent Residence Holder, age of 18 years old and above.

Have a smartphone and able to walk reasonable distances.

Have an active bank account to get paid weekly.

register as a parcel walker